Energy forecast September 2020

New cycle Begins in the midst of Chaos !

A lot is happening and a lot is changing with so many transits taking place. It is almost like the universe is asking us to stay still and witness the changes instead of taking any major actions. There are many ups and downs especially on an emotional and energetic level and it may create a weird pressure or tension in the air.

Positive changes this month are: You may feel more logical. Practical matters pick up giving you results. Communication will improve, good time to write that blog or book that you have kept on hold. Also, a great time to earn money through already set business. Overall, on the professional front the month looks promising.

Health can be a concern throughout the month. Take care of your food habits to avoid any digestion issues. You may feel restless and stressed which may affect your mental health.

Avoid taking any major decisions, like moving house, marriage, signing contracts etc. Though continue with what’s essential.

On the emotional front as you sail through mood swings, you may want to escape the chaos by splurging on luxury. So, take caution on the front of unnecessary expenses.

It is also a phase where we will face challenges in existing and even new relationships.  We will be learning the lessons and releasing karmic debts in all kinds of relationships; family, friends, and marriage.  If we pay attention, we will find a lot of clarity and come face to face with the truth. We are getting opportunity to correct past mistakes, or let go of a choice that we made emotionally (especially under fear). It is time to do a reality check.

A feeling of unfairness, seeking justice, anger and rage may bother us. Both internal or external conflict can trouble us. Accept the truth and time let go of illusion. Choose what is right for you and not what you think you need. Few transits during the last week of the month can create unsettling energy. We may see both societal unrest as well as unrest on an individual level. But this is chaos before calmness …things will gradually improve.  


It is a challenging month but it is also making us stronger, clearer and more aware of who we are, why we are here and what we can do to have a better life on the planet! Let’s utilise this opportunity to become more conscious and spread the consciousness around the world…  

Few things to keep in mind this month

1.      Conserve your energy

2.      Keep your anger in check

3.      The matters of love, luxury and relationship may bother you throughout the month

4.      Heal your relationships  

5.      Avoid unnecessary expenses and splurging

6.      If possible, postpone any important decision to next month

7.      Heal yourself , keep your energy up !