Energy Forecast – February 2021

This is the month of confrontation and inner conflict. It is going to be a very slow month. A month of pragmaticism and being practical with your emotions. Time to focus on work and finances but without too many expectations. Time to do your duty …follow your dharma. It is time for a reality check.

Love what you do instead of waiting for something that you would love to do. It is time to release karma by following dharma.

The recent transits of planets are affecting our mind too intensely and giving us opportunity to take care of our suppressed feelings. Avoid suppressing your feelings! address them now. Otherwise, these emotions may explode in a way that would work against you.

In general, we may feel trapped, it may appear as if we don’t have enough space and opportunity to express ourselves, we are not being heard… which may lead to frustration. It seems anger and frustration are brewing up for many months on a global level …it may explode and create a lot of unrest around the world if we don’t change our course right away.

Though we can’t control what’s happening in the world, we can take care of our individual emotions. As you know the world is your mirror, bringing change within can change the reflection in the mirror gradually.

The best approach this month is to listen to your intuition, listen to others with an open mind…listen without judgement!

Take responsibility for your life. Take an inventory of how you have created the life that you are living currently. If you are struggling in any area ask yourself where is this coming from? Check if your beliefs are serving you or others in a real sense.

You may feel too pressurised in certain areas of your life by the middle of February. As things become volatile, focus on slowing down and finishing your pending work. Clean your space physically and metaphysically. Do gardening. Heal yourself!

Happy New Year – Energy Forecast 2021

Patience is the key to sail through this year …be the energy that you like to see in the world!

21st December of 2020 marked the beginning of the darkest phase before the dawn.

The year 2021 is the turning point in the history of mankind.
This year along with year 2022 is our final wake up call. It is a radical time for spiritual growth! There will be massive change in civilisation.

This has been building up since last 2 years …we are slowly getting ready to take responsibility as a global citizen. But in the beginning, we may feel more restricted by authorities, we may have to go through more lockdowns and isolation.

New laws, new systems and uncertainty may lead to a lot of confusion. We may feel uncertain regarding the economy, health and everything around us. We will yearn for stability, control and certainty. This will manifest into huge unrest and revolution all around the world int the form of protests, mass gatherings etc.

Our lives will be shaken up so that we finally start facing the truth. Sometimes we need to be deprived of certain things to become more appreciative of what we truly have in the present moment.
It will be comparatively easier for people who have been working on themselves and for people who are less resistant to change!

So we are looking at massive shifts in the economy, governments, laws, social media! Our perception of life, our definition of love, our definition of success, our definition of money all are going to transform and shift this year.

It’s a year of austerity! Save money, take care of your health, take care of your family!

The energy of the year will give us an opportunity to end our self-centeredness and the need of being self-righteous as a human race! We will realise the truth that we all are connected with each and every person including non-living entities on the planet. Our existence affects them and vice-versa. We will finally acknowledge our connection with the Universe. A beautiful year for self-realisation and spiritual growth!

2021 will give us an opportunity to appreciate what is enough. We will have to become aware of how we have been contributing to this world. How our being, our energy are adding value in our and other people’s lives!

Life may seem to slow us down before it launches us to the next stage of our ascension. Have patience! This year may throw us out of our comfort zone but it is also going to bring out the best in us …in the end we will all come together and celebrate life.

Energy Forecast – January 2021

2021 begins with an unexplained restlessness and confusion.

All the suppressed emotions may manifest in the form mass protests and unrest all around the world by the last week of January.

This month will give us an opportunity to realise the truth that it’s not about how powerful you are/feel by influencing the masses with your ideologies even if that includes preaching Spirituality or Nirvana but to take responsibility for yourself and for the things that holds value in your life.

January is encouraging us to realise that fear-based decisions always backfires and create more darkness. Set clear intentions for what you desire from 2021 with ease and lightness.

The ideal way to start this year is to reflect on a few below aspects:

1. Allow yourself to flow with life without resisting change. Work on inner conflicts, suppressed anger, egocentric beliefs. If you already doing inner work, it will be a smooth month with some mood swings. Be aware and accept your potential rather than considering yourself weak.

2. Be kind and grateful to yourself, everyone and for everything. Avoid judging people and giving crude advises. Be by there side and comfort them with your presence. Be honest in what you do. We all are seeking love and acceptance from others through whatever we do!

3. Focus on creating inner peace even if you will feel lost and confused at the start of month.

4.Relax! it’s time to forgive everything that is bothering you. You may feel a bit disoriented and lonely and may want to stay close to our loved ones.

5. Keep an open mind and trust your intuitions. Keep your eyes and ears open. The truth potrayed by media and government around the world will be tested and exposed.The world including social media and TV media will go through a massive transformation!

Let us all come together and create awareness and love for whole world to transforms. It is possible just by realising that you matter, your thoughts and opinions matter, your energy matter and that you are already contributing to the world in your own way so heal yourself to heal the world!