Energy Forecast – January 2021

2021 begins with an unexplained restlessness and confusion.

All the suppressed emotions may manifest in the form mass protests and unrest all around the world by the last week of January.

This month will give us an opportunity to realise the truth that it’s not about how powerful you are/feel by influencing the masses with your ideologies even if that includes preaching Spirituality or Nirvana but to take responsibility for yourself and for the things that holds value in your life.

January is encouraging us to realise that fear-based decisions always backfires and create more darkness. Set clear intentions for what you desire from 2021 with ease and lightness.

The ideal way to start this year is to reflect on a few below aspects:

1. Allow yourself to flow with life without resisting change. Work on inner conflicts, suppressed anger, egocentric beliefs. If you already doing inner work, it will be a smooth month with some mood swings. Be aware and accept your potential rather than considering yourself weak.

2. Be kind and grateful to yourself, everyone and for everything. Avoid judging people and giving crude advises. Be by there side and comfort them with your presence. Be honest in what you do. We all are seeking love and acceptance from others through whatever we do!

3. Focus on creating inner peace even if you will feel lost and confused at the start of month.

4.Relax! it’s time to forgive everything that is bothering you. You may feel a bit disoriented and lonely and may want to stay close to our loved ones.

5. Keep an open mind and trust your intuitions. Keep your eyes and ears open. The truth potrayed by media and government around the world will be tested and exposed.The world including social media and TV media will go through a massive transformation!

Let us all come together and create awareness and love for whole world to transforms. It is possible just by realising that you matter, your thoughts and opinions matter, your energy matter and that you are already contributing to the world in your own way so heal yourself to heal the world!