Energy Forecast – May 2020

Time to Reflect”

We are in the midst of a huge shift. A shift  a change
that our generation has never witnessed before.
It may seem everything is falling apart as there’s so much
of chaos and fear. It feels like the world is ending.

Yes, the world is coming to end. The world with the foundation of fear, the world that was unconscious, the world of suffering, lack, control, and greed is coming to an end. Just hold tight, we as a society will emerge out of this, healed and more balanced.

Let’s welcome this huge transformational starting May. There’s a lot of energy surging through this month and
next 3 months. The best way to embrace it is to slow down.

Throughout this month it may seem things have come to a halt and nothing is moving forward. It’s a sign that we need to slow down in every aspect and take out time to reflect. Take a review of your life, introspect what it is you truly desire from life, relationships, job, family and from yourself.

There’s a lot of anger and frustration brewing up within. It may feel a bit depressive and low as all kinds of emotions will be on the surface. As an individual, it’s time to address this anger or in the long run, it may create more issues. Hidden secrets about self and others (world) may come to the surface and create some agitation.

We really need to understand that we can’t escape facing our demons anymore. It is high time we isolate ourselves in the real sense and go within, face the reality and stop resisting the change.  Stop brushing things under the rug. The universe is giving you plenty of opportunities to work on your shadows and discover who you truly are.

It is a beautiful period to work on your romantic relationship. Someone from the past may come back
in your life physically or emotionally, thereby giving you
an opportunity to heal what was not healed then.

Take relationship therapies or counselling if things are not working out for you. Or you may simply focus more on your relationship this month.

Communication, sleep, and food habits may be a bit disturbed due to overthinking and the tendency of overdoing. Make sure that you express yourself with the utmost caution while respecting other people’s feelings. There’s a tendency to feel depressed this month.
So talk to someone, take professional help, and heal yourself. Take care of your physical, emotional, and mental health.

Focus on what you desire to create!