Reiki Practitioner / Reiki Teacher

This is one of the simplest practices that I have come across which can bring healing and joy to your life.

Getting Attuned to Reiki energy and learning the practice has been one of the best things that have happened to me ever. I believe when we are ready, Reiki energy (or for that matter any healing) just pulls us towards it.

My immediate experience with Reiki energy was silencing the chattering mind, a sense of calmness, and knowing that things will get better from hereon. My insomnia was healed within a week, I started losing the extra weight that I had put on and in general, I was lighter and happier.  

In almost one decade of my Reiki practice and teaching Reiki, I have realized, life is not about learning and improving constantly but unlearning & letting go of illusions to unveil our true selves. This has been a gradual and slow process. It is still on. 

Connect with us to register yourself for a class.

Medium – Only in-Person classes are available. We are open to conducting Reiki classes at your location for a group. 

Courses offered: Reiki Level I, Reiki Level II, Reiki level III

You can also get trained as Reiki Master and Grandmaster to pursue your dream of spreading wisdom and light to others. 

Munay Ki Teacher

The ancient Shamans predicted a phase of immense evolution to begin by the end of 2012 which will beckon the beginning of a new world on the planet. This new world gives birth to new human beings, a wise species that are completely free of the old ways of living. The new humans acknowledge their true infinite light & live based on the foundation of wisdom rather than fear. The new human is also known as Homo Luminous.

But before this happens humans would have to go through a great transformation shedding the layers of the past to welcome the new world.

The Rites of the Munay-Ki were channeled to help humanity transform and upgrade its luminous energy field. Munay- ki rites are 9 energetic transmissions that work on healing the past-the karmic & genetic programs and beliefs.  They re-program the DNA, enabling us to grow a new body that ages, heals, and dies differently.

This is the need of the hour. As we traverse through this transition to the New World, we all need to raise our vibration to make this journey of transformation smooth and less difficult. 

“The Munay-Ki is your invitation to dream an entire new world into being.” – (Alberto Villoldo, founder)

Become a Munay- Ki teacher and learn how to transmit these ancient rites to others & raise the vibration of the planet. 

No prerequisite, anyone can register for this training. 

Angel Workshop

Did you know we all are supported and guided all the time? Universe created beautiful divine beings called angels to always look after us. The only problem is that we have shut our awareness to such an extent that we don’t understand their language anymore. We don’t see /feel/hear them anymore. 

The HIGH ON LIFE WITH ANGELS workshop is about tapping and diving into the world of beautiful higher dimensional beings called Angels . 

This course is all about understanding their role in our lives, reconnecting with them. The Angels Class helps you to acknowledge and polish your awareness of these subtle energies from higher dimensions.

You will learn 

  • To activate 5th Dimensional – 12 Chakras
  • Angel Invocation , Markaba Light Protection , Healing with Angels , Cutting Unwanted Cords
  • To understand & activate Your Clair abilities , Angel Oracle Card Reading
  • Archangel Meditations , Get Daily Guidance from your Angels

High on Crystals (Become a Crystal healer)

Of all the five kingdoms Crystal kingdom is one of the most powerful yet very mystical one.

Here’s an invitation to know more about them.

It includes:

  • Crystal Symbol Attunement
  • Experience the expanded energies of the Crystals
  • Self – healing with Crystals
  • Chakra scanning and Chakra healing
  • Healing others with Crystals
  • Sushumna Nadi Meditation

And a lot more fun activity and theory on Crystals

Magic Spell

We’re all seeking inner peace and ways to make meaningful changes in our lives. But during troubled times, how can we find a way out of overwhelming stress and negativity? Our intentions have to be in alignment with our actions for divine manifestation to occur. Spell work is a focused manifestation technique. It is all about realizing the creator within and directing the flow of energy with focus, wisdom, and compassion! 

Join me in learning self-empowering yet fun ways to focus & manifest clarity, healing, and transformation for yourself, others, and the natural world!

Transform your Life workshop

What if you could rewrite your life to create everything you desire by delving deeper into yourself, uncovering internal blocks, releasing locked emotions, letting go of the past, learning to love & accept yourself?

Transform Your Life is a unique program from Diana Cooper School of White Light (DCSWL) to empower you to go deeper in your awareness about self. Discover patterns, beliefs, and work through them all in a safe & fun way. This workshop covers understanding of the universe and how to apply its Universal Laws to your daily life. It is a transformative journey towards developing awareness of your limiting beliefs, releasing old habits, discovering your inner power & tapping into your personal strengths.


Anyone looking for shift and change in life are recommended to take this workshop.