Reiki is just like a magic wand which can help you bring transformations in your life. An ancient modality and highly popular, Reiki is a life force energy and connect you to your higher source. Reiki balance your chakras and help you to work on you physical, emotional and spiritual layer of aura.You can also give distance Reiki after attaining level 2 certification. Reiki increases your awareness and manifestation. We conduct classes for Reiki level 1,2,3 every month that consist of the below:

  • Aura clearing
  • Level 1, 2 3, & Masters certification
  • Chakra healing
  • Past life regression
  • Chakra setting
  • Chord Cutting
  • Distance healing



Answers to all our questions lie in our birth chart. Astrology is an amalgamation of mathematical calculation and intuitive abilities. Birth chart reading can give lot of insights into your purpose of life. High on life assist you to find answers to all your questions and guide you to complete your lessons in this reality.

  • Birth chart reading
  • Consultation

Angel Card reading

In times of hardship and ambiguity, we all wish that someone could just come and rescue us. We sometimes pray for guidance and support. We assist you in seeking the support and guidance that you are looking through Angel Card Reading and Astro-Numerology.

Get insight into relationships, careers, finances, life purpose, etc.

Contact us for personal, Skype or phone session.

  • Angel card reading
  • Learn Angel card reading


All of it with utmost confidentiality, here are the list of matters we can help you with

  • Pre/Post Marital counselling
  • Relationship counselling
  • Clarity in life counseling


To align ourselves with universe, we need to keep our only medium [body] intact. Hence to help you take care of your body, we constantly come up with various kinds of yoga and fitness programs. You can opt for the programs basis your energy. We conduct regular batch of yoga at our Navi Mumbai and Thane centers. Enclosed are the kinds of fitness regimes currently taking place.

  • Yoga
  • Exclusive Detox program
  • Tai-Chi


Sometimes our issues and concerns are deeper than we think. Constant botheration and stringent negative patterns calls for modalities like Hypnotherapy. This provides the answers to imprinted unasked questions. With guidance of our experts, the process becomes smooth and easy. With a proven track record of assisting many patients, it is one of the most effective ways for guided healing. We conduct the classes and sessions on the following .

  • Hypnotherapy
  • Inner child

Life Management

Life is beautiful but it comes with its own set of learning. Instead of being a good student, we sometimes invite hurt, pain, stress and many such strong emotions. High on life helps you to acknowledge the emotions, release them and make space for new positive energy to take charge. We assist you with all kinds of life management concerns.

∙         Emotion Management

∙         Pain Management

∙         Stress / Depression Management

∙         Grief / Loss Management

∙         Fear / Anxiety / Phobia Management

∙         Decision Making / Thought Management

∙         Weight Management

International Access Consciousness

Access conscious is simple yet effective modality. The base of this modality is directly related to the thoughts and its transformation. And yes! The results are easily visible when you receive sessions. Release of your negative thought patterns starts almost instantly. Access consciousness offers various kinds of classes. Guess what? It can also make you look younger. High on life conducts classes and offers sessions on various modalities of Access Consciousness.


∙         Bars Certification

∙         Bars Session

∙         Facelift Sessions

∙         Talk to Entities

High on life exclusive

Here we bring you some exclusive programs. Assortment of classes caters to almost all the areas of life. May it be knowing your physical or financial reality or creating a new life altogether. Only one session can give you clarity on your life concerns. Create the positive vibes with high on life exclusive programs. Here are the sessions taken by high on life.

∙         High on Money Class

∙         High on Body Class

∙         Unveil Positive Class

∙         Hypnobirthing

∙         Ascension


Crystals amplifies our energy and help us to achieve our dreams. Crystals work on our intention and brings positive changes in our mind and body. There are umpteen crystals in the world and each one has its unique properties. All you need is to know that one crystal, which attracts you, leads you to healing. Crystals at High on Life almost speaks to you. The energy is high and contagious. You can choose from huge variety of clusters, bracelets, pendants, trees etc. As small as keeping in you wallet to as big as brick, all you need is just a click away. Want to buy crystal now? 

Email at:

∙         Crystal Consultation

∙         Get a Crystal home


Munay–ki is modern shaman technique based on ancient healing practices of Q’ero shamans (Peru). It involves initiation process of 9 rites, which attunes the being to vibrate on higher frequency. It brings shifts in the human consciousness and
transforms our DNA to function as light beings we truly are.

Munay means “Love” and Ki means energy. So it essentially involves transmitting the love frequency to the receiver to help them transmute their existence to the energy of love. Thus these rites help the entire human race shift to a new
plane of love and light.

What to expect from a Munay-Ki session?

Munay-Ki rites are initiations intended to help the person receiving them to become a person of wisdom and power. Like the Q’ero initiations they include, the Munay-Ki is given at the beginning of one’s shamanic training in order to guide the student successfully through their studies and development into a healer.

So come choose love and light through receiving these empowering rites.

Manisha Lomash

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