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  • Certified Reiki Grand Master
  • International Access
  • Consciousness Bars Facilitator
  • Certified Yoga Therapist & Teacher
  • Talk to the Entities Practitioner
  • Certified Angel Card Reader
  • Tarot card reader
  • Certified Crystal Therapist
  • Munay-Ki Teacher (The Nine Rites of the Shaman)
  • Certified Hypnobirthing Practitioner
  • Certified Tai-Chi Practitioner
  • Certified Astro-counseling Consultant

Join me in

When all of you, the whole you with your mind, body, and soul is witnessing a moment, it is yoga! I love working with the body. Especially slow rhythmic classical yoga poses entice me. Somehow I feel connected to every “body” around me and have a knack of recognising its requirement for food, physical activities, breathing, etc Come and let your body follow the rhythm of yoga with me. I teach classical yoga and Detoxification Yoga.

Energy is everything around us, within us, and it is everything that we can imagine. Everything in this universe is energy and when we use energy to transform some other energy it is called energy work. Usually, we transform energies that are no longer productive for us. We can transform the energy of an ill body, stressed mind, heaviness in a room or house etc )

If I could only travel within I would have travelled the universe! I am a daydreamer. Travelling for me is sort of listening to an untold story of the mother earth, enjoying unheard poems of the forests and appreciating nature’s art in the scenic beauty. It’s not the knowledge, not the culture, not the history that attracts me its romance and thrill of the unknown. I love travelling both within and outside world. Join me on my journey and travel with me!

True wisdom comes from experience and true kindness comes from not imposing your wisdom on others! I truly believe each one of us is a master, teaching each other important lessons in life. I am available here as a guide and mediator to help you discover that teacher, guru, and healer in you.

Manisha Lomash

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