Energy Forecast -October 2019

Hustle and Bustle!

This month begins with a lot of activity and a feeling of “there is so much to accomplish!” It is a month of little relief from all the stress that began in April 2019. The first half of the month is your time to execute all the plans and visions you worked on in the last few months. Just avoid getting too obsessed with getting things done your way. Business and work matters take precedence over emotional ones.  While you are trying to accomplish so many things on your list make sure you are methodical and see every detail and avoid rushing to get to the finish line. This is a very good month for financial improvement. It is also a good time to work on self-improvement, as you will be able to now clearly see the areas where you need to make changes. Excellent time to let go of any addiction or baggage.

The downside of the month is that there will be dissatisfaction in the air. The second half of the month again slows down a bit but it’s a beautiful time to focus on your relationships. Seek help from people around you. Be vulnerable and delegate your work and share your burdens with your family and friends.

Some of you can even enter in new romantic relationships. Congrats! J Just make sure that you don’t enter in the relationship because of the feeling of emptiness or loneliness. Heal it first and then commit.

This month will help you create the foundation for your future. So please utilise this time fully.

End of the month is slightly tricky but as you come out of this phase you will be much wiser.