New Moon – 24th Jan 2020

New Moon in Capricorn
A new dawn a new era has begun with this new moon. It is an era of healing, karma, and truth. Profound and lasting spiritual insights are possible this time. Trust your intuition to lead towards happiness. Your hopes and dreams are within reach now. All your hard work will now be paid off.
This is also time to take care of your body. Physical discipline is going to play an important role. Following a structured life will help you to manage the difficult times. Yoga, mantra chanting, meditation and karma yoga are keys to having a smooth life for the next few years. Make sure you don’t promise more than you can deliver ( yourself or others). Understanding your limitations and using them for your advantage will help you to grow as a person. Take necessary actions if you really wish to manifest something. Patience, perseverance, and detachment should be practiced to achieve anything.

• Please please please start physical exercise
• Do pranyam for 5 mins atleast

• Have patience and understand this experience is here to teach you something. Be open for that

• Focus on what you desire to create
• Be kind to self and others. Avoid self sabotage and stop trying to please everyone

Again this energy is temporary you will soon start feeling lighter if you have been taking care of yourself


Energy Forecast – January 2020

Stay calm! A new beginning is here…

This month you may feel overwhelmed with efforts as you have struggled through a difficult and demanding time last year. Allow yourself to look within and reclaim the balance, your own power and to move forward with self-confidence.

Acknowledge what you have achieved to date even if you feel it is minuscule. Instead of rushing into the New Year race of new beginnings, new resolutions sit back and review your life. Express your gratitude to what you have.  And prepare to create what you desire this year.

Your situation may seem to be limited or not what you had hoped for, but there is more here than meets the eye. You have probably noticed that your past approach is no longer working for you. Take a pause what you are doing and look at things from a different perspective. This is the time of reflection and it is also extremely important to your spiritual evolution and growth.

Spend time in meditation; find what truly it that you desire is. Find clarity by being grounded, practical and honest with yourself.  

Kindness and compassion can really help you to begin the year with a much positive outlook.

Points to remember

  1. Keep your anger in check. Stay calm.
  2. Please take care of yourself, you may feel restless and anxious.
  3. Retrospect, introspect and meditate  
  4. Stay calm and Seek help if required
  5. Breathing exercises are must this month

Energy Forecast – Year 2020

Happy New Year!

Let’s welcome the year of deep healing and transformation, conclusions, happy endings, salvation, freedom and self realisation.

Year 2019 was the year of a rollercoaster with lots of ups and downs. We learnt a lot about ourselves and what we wish to really create in our lives. Taking this energy forward, year 2020 is a new level of spiritual growth and evolution.  This year gives us opportunity towards profound understanding of self, others and life in general.

It is the year of radical changes. We will start seeing things in new light.

This year will give us many reasons to celebrate. This is the year where you can realise your dreams. Manifest anything you desire. But remember you create what you are, what you feel, how you vibrate not what you just wish. So raise your vibrations and work towards creating abundance, love, peace, health, etc

If you have been working too hard last year then find some time to relax, have fun or take a real vacation. This is the year to embrace and acknowledge the people in your life who love and support you. Take time to experience the joy and peace that these people bring in your life.

It is also important to create a balance in life. There is a tendency to burn out while focusing too much on accomplishing the task in hand. Seek help if required, delegate your work, and learn to trust others. By doing this you reduce a lot of stress from your life.

There are a few challenges this year, remember whatever you are going through, learn from the situation. This is the time for growth which will make you stronger. Take the help of your seniors, gurus or counsellor if required. 

The biggest lesson that we all learn this year is to
And to be honest with self and the world.

It is the year to heal the hidden wounds, heal your relationships, heal your money, and heal your body. In whatever area you are stuck you will get a fair opportunity to heal it.

Money and Finances –

Money seems good this year. But there is some kind of radical change in terms of your money reality. There is a huge shift in the way we look at money. There is, in general, a sense of satisfaction.

Relationships –

People ready to get into committed relationship please get out there and show everyone how amazing you are. There’s very active and playful energy in terms of relationships.

Good time to forgive and move on.


Health is a major concern this year in general. If you have been procrastinating about your health, now is the time to act on it. You will get guidance or the universe will lead you to create a healthy body in an entirely new way.

Commit to good health and don’t give up. Get to the truth of the matter. Discover your body in a new light. 

Energy Forecast – December 2019

This month is all about intense revelations and transformations. It is an important phase to uproot the deep hidden painful past experiences, fears, guilt, etc. Things may seem weird and unexpected. But it’s all happening to create the change that you deserve and the whole humanity deserves.  

Things from the past may come to the surface to be resolved. Work on letting go. It’s time to seriously acknowledge what needs to be healed and nurture your inner – child.  You will be pushed to do things that you were scared of. This month is all about spiritual journey either physical or inner journey. Karma is going to play a role this month.

The second half of the month many of us may have a sense of lack or fears, disconnection, low self – esteem, etc. Remember it is temporary. Meditate and exercise, do breathing exercises…prepare your body and mind for the change.

Don’t take any major decisions or actions in the month of December. The month is all about taking rest, introspections, retrospection. The more you resist the energy the more, you will delay the growth. Go with the flow.

Self – control and patience are called for in order to create the successful outcome you are hoping for. The key to success right now is in moderation and compromise. While the idea of change can be worrying you must trust and know that the universe wants you to be happy. Unexpected events are meant to point you in a direction that will bring you a more joyful and fulfilling life. A fresh start in the future is there for most of us in the card.

There is a need for quality time with people you care about the most. Especially spending time with yourself. Take care of yourself and your health this month.

As this month is really tricky if you feel stuck or overwhelmed please get a personal reading done. It will help you manage your growth through this month and prepare for a beautiful new year ahead.

Points to remember

  1. Heal yourself  
  2. Health is really important this month. Please take care of yourself. Nurture yourself.
  3. Avoid financial investments
  4. Great period for spiritual or ascension work. Find a mentor or guru to guide you.
  5. Meditation, breathing exercises are a must this month.
  6. Consult an expert before any major decision.

Energy Forecast – November 2019

November 2019 is giving everyone an opportunity to transform something fundamental in your identity. A complete transformation can happen through divine means. It is a beautiful period for inner work and self-discovery. You might find a spiritual teacher or some mentor or a guide who can guide you towards your true life purpose.

But remember this transformation is not necessarily smooth. Change is often a little uncomfortable. This particular transformation happens by you facing your shadow side.

You may feel restless, agitated and very judgemental about self and others during most of this month. There will be a lot of confusion and conflict in your mind which may affect your decisions. But if you maintain a low key, this month can give you magical revelations in all walks of your life.

Your intuition is heightened and you may receive deep lasting insights. Just pay attention to your thoughts and feelings, they are indeed trying to tell you something profound.

This month’s energy will encourage you to change your life in a massive way. You will feel like leaving behind old belief systems and ways of doing things that have become stale and out-dated. You can no longer procrastinate on making changes that you know in your own heart you need to make. By the end of the month suddenly everything will be crystal clear to you. It’s time to evolve. Embrace this new direction in your life as it is liberating and exciting.

When there is confusion, take things slowly. Don’t rush into decisions. It is time to introspect and take things easy. If you can, take a break and relax.

You are suggested to be kind and patient in your relationships. A huge revelation in relationships will happen this month. You can amend your romantic relationship if you are patient and listen carefully.

Communication is affected throughout the month. So be mindful of what you say to others. Be careful in sharing your data/opinions online.

Also, take care of your finances. Avoid spending too much on luxury. It is a good time to resolve your financial issues (including other issues).

Energy Forecast -October 2019

Hustle and Bustle!

This month begins with a lot of activity and a feeling of “there is so much to accomplish!” It is a month of little relief from all the stress that began in April 2019. The first half of the month is your time to execute all the plans and visions you worked on in the last few months. Just avoid getting too obsessed with getting things done your way. Business and work matters take precedence over emotional ones.  While you are trying to accomplish so many things on your list make sure you are methodical and see every detail and avoid rushing to get to the finish line. This is a very good month for financial improvement. It is also a good time to work on self-improvement, as you will be able to now clearly see the areas where you need to make changes. Excellent time to let go of any addiction or baggage.

The downside of the month is that there will be dissatisfaction in the air. The second half of the month again slows down a bit but it’s a beautiful time to focus on your relationships. Seek help from people around you. Be vulnerable and delegate your work and share your burdens with your family and friends.

Some of you can even enter in new romantic relationships. Congrats! J Just make sure that you don’t enter in the relationship because of the feeling of emptiness or loneliness. Heal it first and then commit.

This month will help you create the foundation for your future. So please utilise this time fully.

End of the month is slightly tricky but as you come out of this phase you will be much wiser.

Energy Forecast -September 2019

Be kind!

The month starts with restlessness and a bit of irritation in the air. It may feel like nothing is moving forward. But in reality, the universe is giving you the opportunity to plan and prepare for the huge transformational energy developing around the mid of the month. So don’t rush! Plan objectively to bring changes you always desired. There is a need for a lot grounding at the beginning of the month.

By mid of the month, you will realise it is time to act, but this action should be backed with rational planning. Use logic over emotions this month while being kind to self and others. Avoid any kind of drama (internal and external). This is a beautiful period to let off playing the role of victim and to take responsibility for your emotions. You will have more clarity and things will start moving as planned. If things don’t go the way you planned then know it is for your highest good.  

You might notice you are being a little more critical in your relationships. This month’s energy supports you to stop wasting energy on changing someone else and utilise it in making desired changes in self. As you already know each person in your life is just reflecting what is going within you. So if something is bothering you in others look deep within and see how you can change that in you. This is the best period to do self-analysis and make changes in self. Please note this change can be related to any area of your life …relationships, health or wealth.

Energy Forecast August 2019

And finally, you are moving forward…

The month starts with an off-kilter but by the mid of August, you may experience a renewed sense of purpose in life.  It is a very action-oriented month. Things seem to finally move. The projects that were on hold or got delayed may take off now. The energy will be very high so you can get a lot done this month.

Trust your intuition this month; you will be guided to follow your heart. Go ahead and sow the seeds for what you wish to accomplish in the next few months.

It is a very beautiful time to plan some time with your family and loved ones.

This month is slightly difficult for romantic relationships. A fog of haze along with heat can envelop your wits in the matters of your relationships. Practicing patience and calm attitude can help.

Things that should keep in mind while treading through this month

  1. Anger maybe on rise – Please don’t take any Financial and Relationship decisions in haste this month.  
  2. Health maybe concern – Take care of your health emotional and physical

Eat healthy food, Do Yoga, Breathing exercises can help to tame the anger, Walking bare feet on the ground can keep you grounded, keep yourself hydrated, Spiritual practices and chanting is recommended.

  1. It is a beautiful time to heal relationships and release karmic debts
  2. Fear and frustration- can be healed by practicing forgiveness this month. Know that what you see in others that irks you or scares you is something that you need to heal in you.
  3. You can be too judgemental – Be kind and open to other people’s perspectives.

But overall this month brings fresh energy …openness in the air  

Lunar Eclipse 16th-17th July 2019

A Huge Stream of Transformational Energy is emerging around this full moon (lunar eclipse).

It is time to hold back and review your life. You will have an inner calling to change something in your life. You feel an urge to go within and spend time with yourself. Do some breathing exercises.  

It might also create some restlessness, mood swings, anxiety, etc. While you are in the midst going within and dealing with this agitation outside you will feel a need to let go of something from past that’s no longer serving you. It is a beautiful time to let go of any fear or emotion that’s holding you back. You just need to put an intention and the energy of this eclipse will help you transform.

For people into spirituality, this is a great time to work with ascension energy. Meditation, pranayama, spending time alone, or in nature, slow yoga, chanting, energy work like Reiki, kundalini yoga, will contribute a lot during this period.

Energy Forecast July 2019

Moderation and balance are the keys this month.

It’s a good time to take a break from daily routine and recharge your batteries. Avoid pushing yourself or anyone else to get work done. There is possibility of getting fixated or obsessed about certain areas in your life.
It’s a slow month avoid getting frustrated over your expectations in relationships (especially romantic), finances, work, etc that can preoccupy you this month.

Prevent taking any major decision especially with respect to romantic relationship. If in a committed relationship you might feel discontented or unhappy in your relationship. And there can be temptation to leave it for better option or in search of better option. If single please be alert while you pursue somebody right now. Mind is scattered right now and there is general dissatisfaction with respect to all kinds of materialistic pleasures. Communication is also affected this month.
So express only when really needed. Best advice is to maintain status quo.

The point here is it is all on mental level and energy level. If observed objectively there are no problems this month at all. The overall idea is to maintain moderation with anything like food, alcohol, sex, money-making, ego, self judgement, control etc.

This month is really good time to take a vacation. Rest, rejuvenate, and calm your mind. Meditation and yoga are highly recommended. Any kind of spiritual work is really good. It is beautiful period for ascension work.