Energy Forecast – February 2021

This is the month of confrontation and inner conflict. It is going to be a very slow month. A month of pragmaticism and being practical with your emotions. Time to focus on work and finances but without too many expectations. Time to do your duty …follow your dharma. It is time for a reality check.

Love what you do instead of waiting for something that you would love to do. It is time to release karma by following dharma.

The recent transits of planets are affecting our mind too intensely and giving us opportunity to take care of our suppressed feelings. Avoid suppressing your feelings! address them now. Otherwise, these emotions may explode in a way that would work against you.

In general, we may feel trapped, it may appear as if we don’t have enough space and opportunity to express ourselves, we are not being heard… which may lead to frustration. It seems anger and frustration are brewing up for many months on a global level …it may explode and create a lot of unrest around the world if we don’t change our course right away.

Though we can’t control what’s happening in the world, we can take care of our individual emotions. As you know the world is your mirror, bringing change within can change the reflection in the mirror gradually.

The best approach this month is to listen to your intuition, listen to others with an open mind…listen without judgement!

Take responsibility for your life. Take an inventory of how you have created the life that you are living currently. If you are struggling in any area ask yourself where is this coming from? Check if your beliefs are serving you or others in a real sense.

You may feel too pressurised in certain areas of your life by the middle of February. As things become volatile, focus on slowing down and finishing your pending work. Clean your space physically and metaphysically. Do gardening. Heal yourself!

Happy New Year – Energy Forecast 2021

Patience is the key to sail through this year …be the energy that you like to see in the world!

21st December of 2020 marked the beginning of the darkest phase before the dawn.

The year 2021 is the turning point in the history of mankind.
This year along with year 2022 is our final wake up call. It is a radical time for spiritual growth! There will be massive change in civilisation.

This has been building up since last 2 years …we are slowly getting ready to take responsibility as a global citizen. But in the beginning, we may feel more restricted by authorities, we may have to go through more lockdowns and isolation.

New laws, new systems and uncertainty may lead to a lot of confusion. We may feel uncertain regarding the economy, health and everything around us. We will yearn for stability, control and certainty. This will manifest into huge unrest and revolution all around the world int the form of protests, mass gatherings etc.

Our lives will be shaken up so that we finally start facing the truth. Sometimes we need to be deprived of certain things to become more appreciative of what we truly have in the present moment.
It will be comparatively easier for people who have been working on themselves and for people who are less resistant to change!

So we are looking at massive shifts in the economy, governments, laws, social media! Our perception of life, our definition of love, our definition of success, our definition of money all are going to transform and shift this year.

It’s a year of austerity! Save money, take care of your health, take care of your family!

The energy of the year will give us an opportunity to end our self-centeredness and the need of being self-righteous as a human race! We will realise the truth that we all are connected with each and every person including non-living entities on the planet. Our existence affects them and vice-versa. We will finally acknowledge our connection with the Universe. A beautiful year for self-realisation and spiritual growth!

2021 will give us an opportunity to appreciate what is enough. We will have to become aware of how we have been contributing to this world. How our being, our energy are adding value in our and other people’s lives!

Life may seem to slow us down before it launches us to the next stage of our ascension. Have patience! This year may throw us out of our comfort zone but it is also going to bring out the best in us …in the end we will all come together and celebrate life.

Energy Forecast – January 2021

2021 begins with an unexplained restlessness and confusion.

All the suppressed emotions may manifest in the form mass protests and unrest all around the world by the last week of January.

This month will give us an opportunity to realise the truth that it’s not about how powerful you are/feel by influencing the masses with your ideologies even if that includes preaching Spirituality or Nirvana but to take responsibility for yourself and for the things that holds value in your life.

January is encouraging us to realise that fear-based decisions always backfires and create more darkness. Set clear intentions for what you desire from 2021 with ease and lightness.

The ideal way to start this year is to reflect on a few below aspects:

1. Allow yourself to flow with life without resisting change. Work on inner conflicts, suppressed anger, egocentric beliefs. If you already doing inner work, it will be a smooth month with some mood swings. Be aware and accept your potential rather than considering yourself weak.

2. Be kind and grateful to yourself, everyone and for everything. Avoid judging people and giving crude advises. Be by there side and comfort them with your presence. Be honest in what you do. We all are seeking love and acceptance from others through whatever we do!

3. Focus on creating inner peace even if you will feel lost and confused at the start of month.

4.Relax! it’s time to forgive everything that is bothering you. You may feel a bit disoriented and lonely and may want to stay close to our loved ones.

5. Keep an open mind and trust your intuitions. Keep your eyes and ears open. The truth potrayed by media and government around the world will be tested and exposed.The world including social media and TV media will go through a massive transformation!

Let us all come together and create awareness and love for whole world to transforms. It is possible just by realising that you matter, your thoughts and opinions matter, your energy matter and that you are already contributing to the world in your own way so heal yourself to heal the world!

Energy forecast December

December marks a dramatic end to a very special year 2020!

Overall, we may feel confused, agitated and there will be a sense of losing control. Know that all this chaos is leading us towards the light. We are in the process of re-birthing a new version of ourselves and a new world is emerging as we embrace the darkness.

Solar eclipse on 14th December opens a portal of huge transformation giving us an opportunity to unfold the truth as many secrets come to surface. The energy will set a new wave of change which will continue to have its impact for the next 6 months.

The highlight of the month is that many hidden matters may start coming to light on a personal and on a global level which may continue till the first half of 2021.

On a mundane level we may feel trapped, gloomy and conflicted. There will be a sense of intense polarization both internally and externally. Many will find it difficult to agree with others and we may find society is divided by many beliefs and opinions. This may manifest into rage and protest on a mass level.

The best way to utilise the energy of this month is to stay grounded and flow with life… Focus on self and work on the inner conflicts by accepting self-judgments. If possible, do some relationships and family healing during this phase. Talk to a counsellor or a therapist to address the issues. Take up yoga (if you haven’t done that yet), do pranayama to regulate and balance your emotions.

Let’s end this year with harmony within …remember the outer world is a reflection of our inner world, as we create harmony within it will be reflected in the outer world 

Energy Forecast – October 2020

Heal yourself to heal humanity! 

Oh wow we are already in the month of October …so much has changed around the world and within us! Hope you all are doing good and keeping yourself healthy and fit. 

Let’s see what this month has in store for us! 

October begins with an intense full moon in Uttara Bhadrapada which symbolises death/endings. It’s like we’ve come to an end of a long journey and now is the time to rest and reset. It is giving us an opportunity to reflect and let go anything that is not serving us as it is a powerful time to do deeper work. 

Things will start to move especially in the first half of the month and you may not feel stuck anymore.

Collectively we will feel more courageous and there will be surge in our risk-taking capacity.It can become aggressive if we are not rational about our emotions particularly of our anger. It’s time to let go of the ego. We need to contemplate on our need to justify our beliefs and force them on others. A lot of hidden aggression and fear can come to surface which may lead to chaos on a global level. Remember the collective consciousness is just a reflection of what’s happening at an individual level. Most people will feel agitated and frustrated. This will be expressed globally in the form of protests and riots. There will be a sense of injustice and unfairness. People in general may seek justice. Energetically this may also lead to fires and floods around the world.

There is a lot of potential for transformation and healing right now. It’s high time we understand how we relate with others, ask questions like why are we fighting with others or with their beliefs, what is in us that is triggering this need to prove ourselves right?

We also need to keep in check how our beliefs, actions affect others and mother Earth. This period symbolises rebirth.We are birthing a new world and it can be really uncomfortable. We are resistant to let go of our anger and fears. There is also a sense of losing control which is the root cause of the collective anger. We have to work on releasing our selfish need to be right and see things as benefiting everyone. So, a smart choice is to heal our personal issues if we really wish to heal the world.

October’s energy is driving us to focus on universal good and take responsibility of our choices, speech and our actions. Time to focus on what can help the world to become better without getting stuck in our egos! 

We are at the juncture of changing our lifestyle permanently. We can no longer live the way we have been living since ages. Humanity will now focus on living in harmony with all living beings. But before we reach there, we will experience extreme polarity. A battle of darkness V/S consciousness will be the theme of remaining 3 months of 2020. 

Energy forecast September 2020

New cycle Begins in the midst of Chaos !

A lot is happening and a lot is changing with so many transits taking place. It is almost like the universe is asking us to stay still and witness the changes instead of taking any major actions. There are many ups and downs especially on an emotional and energetic level and it may create a weird pressure or tension in the air.

Positive changes this month are: You may feel more logical. Practical matters pick up giving you results. Communication will improve, good time to write that blog or book that you have kept on hold. Also, a great time to earn money through already set business. Overall, on the professional front the month looks promising.

Health can be a concern throughout the month. Take care of your food habits to avoid any digestion issues. You may feel restless and stressed which may affect your mental health.

Avoid taking any major decisions, like moving house, marriage, signing contracts etc. Though continue with what’s essential.

On the emotional front as you sail through mood swings, you may want to escape the chaos by splurging on luxury. So, take caution on the front of unnecessary expenses.

It is also a phase where we will face challenges in existing and even new relationships.  We will be learning the lessons and releasing karmic debts in all kinds of relationships; family, friends, and marriage.  If we pay attention, we will find a lot of clarity and come face to face with the truth. We are getting opportunity to correct past mistakes, or let go of a choice that we made emotionally (especially under fear). It is time to do a reality check.

A feeling of unfairness, seeking justice, anger and rage may bother us. Both internal or external conflict can trouble us. Accept the truth and time let go of illusion. Choose what is right for you and not what you think you need. Few transits during the last week of the month can create unsettling energy. We may see both societal unrest as well as unrest on an individual level. But this is chaos before calmness …things will gradually improve.  


It is a challenging month but it is also making us stronger, clearer and more aware of who we are, why we are here and what we can do to have a better life on the planet! Let’s utilise this opportunity to become more conscious and spread the consciousness around the world…  

Few things to keep in mind this month

1.      Conserve your energy

2.      Keep your anger in check

3.      The matters of love, luxury and relationship may bother you throughout the month

4.      Heal your relationships  

5.      Avoid unnecessary expenses and splurging

6.      If possible, postpone any important decision to next month

7.      Heal yourself , keep your energy up ! 

Energy Forecast – August 2020

Revisit, Review and Reinvent your life

Finally the change is here …you can feel it …you are in the midst of it ..and you have accepted that the things are not going back the way they were!

The energy of this month is intense and gives you an opportunity to go within and work on yourself. You will be challenged by all kinds of distractions via media, through illusionary desires … 

The month starts with a full moon in Shravana Nakrashtra, encouraging you to listen to your intuition that inner voice that you have been avoiding since very long.

As you step into this month, there will be intense desire to travel and break free. There will be weird restlessness to express and become vocal about your feelings. Be mindful and contemplate before you say anything! Many people may focus more on their passion, beauty and prosperity. It can be productive for some.

 The issues from the past can surface in romance and relationships. Many things from the past will be explored and revisited by mainstream media, you can also do this on an individual level. 

Keep in check where you are spending money and energy. Cut on unnecessary things. The things that are not working for you in relationship, business, work , health etc. will come to an end now. For some it can be overwhelming.

There can be agitation and frustration because of something that you are not able to let go. Once you uproot this attachment, you can finally set yourself free and start fresh. But this journey of freedom begins from taking an inventory of your life or the specific area of your life. The core issues (patterns) that have always bothered you are now at the brim.

 You will be inspired or you will be pushed to revisit your past to address this core issue. You will have to work and heal the things you have been avoiding by pulling out the unwanted cords, cut them and transmute them into lightness. As  you do that, you will create abundance and prosperity in every area of life.

Stay low, heal yourself and prepare for upcoming transitions in September.

Are you ready to face the truth?

Energy Forecast – July 2020 by Manisha Lomash

It is time to resurrect a new phase of life. The lunar eclipse on 5th of July comes at
a very pivotal time when we must be honest with ourselves and rise up to the challenges of life.

It is a very emotional month as everything is now finally on the surface after brewing up for the last 8 months. We are now face to face with everything that we had suppressed, not only in this life time but also from many-many other life times. It may not be a very comfortable phase. We need to keep our ego and anger in check as it can be explosive if we don’t choose compassion now.

We all are at a cliff wherein we are going through the culmination of our heavy experiences and we are taking a rebirth not only as individuals but as a society as well. This Transformation will happen with ease only if we have learnt our lessons from the past especially from the challenges that we have had from November 2019 till June 2020.

Many of us may feel suffocated or have breathing issues. Take care of your physical and emotional health as it may be a concern in general.

If you have been working on yourself then this period can bring in new ideas, new opportunities. Just do the background work, educate yourself more in that area and then take decisions later in this month.

Avoid taking major decisions at least until 15th July 2020.

We need to come together and question our choices in the past on an individual level and also on a global level. We need to ask how our lifestyle contributes to the planet and us.  A beautiful month to work on spiritual growth. Remember, in the end we are moving towards a better world and we are just releasing all the century old karma right now. Lets be open minded, hold on to kindness and Joy !

Solar Eclipse – Weekly Update

Energy Forecast- June 2020

21st June 2020 opens a huge transformative portal.With this day being solstice and solar eclipse, it is giving us a platform to elevate ourselves and truly evolve.
You may feel bit low and tired physically.You must:

  1. Slow down
  2. Take mental rest for few days before and after
  3. Be kind to your body and yourself
  4. You are going through vibrational changes, take it easy

If you are feeling physically weak or overthinking too much, its high time you start working on your body.

It’s time to ask a question to yourself “Am I ready to elevate myself and assist others in their evolution?”

It’s time to be honest with yourself. Ask yourself:

  1. What matters to you the most?
  2. What affects you the most?
  3. What are you ready to do, to let go things that affect you?

This one week is crucial for each one of us.This can define your next 6 months and coming year. So be mindful and diligent about your words and actions.

Also ask “Am I ready to take responsibility of my body, my emotions, my thoughts and my life?”

  1. Do fasting if possible
  2. Let go of anger and blame
  3. Choose peace and compassion in all situations
  4. Protect your senses by staying away from social media and news

“Your capacity to change is directly related to the depth of your breath.”

So just breathe …
– Manisha Lomash

Energy Forecast – June 2020

What you seek is seeking you!

A month of eclipses, planet retrogrades, endings and seeking what we truly desire

As we are receiving huge transformational energies throughout this month we are unfolding into a new world (golden age). We are in the middle of the transition; things may seem to oscillate on extremes this month. With this entire chaos, the human race is learning to understand that we all are connected and it’s high time we reconnect with each other and nature.

It’s a month of unsettling energy. The restless mind will lead to anxiety and frustration.On a personal level you may feel restricted, angry, and confused. On a global level, there will be unrest and anger among people. The internal energy of masses will get manifested on the global level in the form of natural calamities and fury among people.

What’s good this month?

It is a really good time to study something new, read books, do research on topics you always wanted to. Start any new business or project after 15th July.

You are called to break free of anything that is holding you back! Release any feelings of helplessness or fear that are creating a sense of entrapment. The good news is that the limitation that you perceive as hindering your progress are self-created and therefore can be uncreated ! You can free yourself. Over-thinking can keep you from moving in the direction of your heart’s desire. So practice letting go, physical exercise, meditate, and breathe more.

You have the opportunity to heal your past traumas, relationships, body, etc. You may feel more free and confident by the end of this month in your personal endeavours.  

In the 2020 yearly forecast, I have emphasised to focus on what you wish to create in your life rather than your fears. So remember we are creating what we are focusing on right now…

So let’s throw our energies in the direction of healing as a society and create a beautiful world.  

What’s challenging?

There’s a tendency to overthink, get drawn to negative and fearful energies. There may be a rise in illusion, rumours, miscommunication, difficultly in travel. There will be a lot of resistance to change; fear of uncertainty…hidden secrets may come to light. Avoid believing everything that you hear or see. You may feel very stubborn and fanatic.  You may feel like avoiding taking advice/suggestions from authority and gurus. Be diligent and more flexible.

Relationships can be challenging. Work on relationships, heal them, and get help if required.

Be kind and careful with your words.  As a community, we will have to reconsider the ways in which we express love and receive love in our lives. Introspect and be aware of the human capacity to love and create as well as to hate and destroy  

Avoid overspending, take care of your finances, it’s time to go back to basics. Invest in your health. Take preventive measures.

What you can do to make the best of this month?

  • Fast on the days of the lunar and solar eclipse of this month (5th June and 21st June)
  • Talk less…be cautious with your words and actions
  • Introspect on what you truly wish to create on this planet.
  • Work on your relationships ( heal, do counseling, take help if required)
  • Prepare your body to receive the higher vibrations by exercising more, do breathwork, chanting mantras, etc
  • Learn, study something new, read books…
  • It is really time to look within and avoid external distractions
  • Please do some kind of healing work, if required talk to someone neutral, take help ! 

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