Energy Forecast -September 2019

Be kind!

The month starts with restlessness and a bit of irritation in the air. It may feel like nothing is moving forward. But in reality, the universe is giving you the opportunity to plan and prepare for the huge transformational energy developing around the mid of the month. So don’t rush! Plan objectively to bring changes you always desired. There is a need for a lot grounding at the beginning of the month.

By mid of the month, you will realise it is time to act, but this action should be backed with rational planning. Use logic over emotions this month while being kind to self and others. Avoid any kind of drama (internal and external). This is a beautiful period to let off playing the role of victim and to take responsibility for your emotions. You will have more clarity and things will start moving as planned. If things don’t go the way you planned then know it is for your highest good.  

You might notice you are being a little more critical in your relationships. This month’s energy supports you to stop wasting energy on changing someone else and utilise it in making desired changes in self. As you already know each person in your life is just reflecting what is going within you. So if something is bothering you in others look deep within and see how you can change that in you. This is the best period to do self-analysis and make changes in self. Please note this change can be related to any area of your life …relationships, health or wealth.

Energy Forecast August 2019

And finally, you are moving forward…

The month starts with an off-kilter but by the mid of August, you may experience a renewed sense of purpose in life.  It is a very action-oriented month. Things seem to finally move. The projects that were on hold or got delayed may take off now. The energy will be very high so you can get a lot done this month.

Trust your intuition this month; you will be guided to follow your heart. Go ahead and sow the seeds for what you wish to accomplish in the next few months.

It is a very beautiful time to plan some time with your family and loved ones.

This month is slightly difficult for romantic relationships. A fog of haze along with heat can envelop your wits in the matters of your relationships. Practicing patience and calm attitude can help.

Things that should keep in mind while treading through this month

  1. Anger maybe on rise – Please don’t take any Financial and Relationship decisions in haste this month.  
  2. Health maybe concern – Take care of your health emotional and physical

Eat healthy food, Do Yoga, Breathing exercises can help to tame the anger, Walking bare feet on the ground can keep you grounded, keep yourself hydrated, Spiritual practices and chanting is recommended.

  1. It is a beautiful time to heal relationships and release karmic debts
  2. Fear and frustration- can be healed by practicing forgiveness this month. Know that what you see in others that irks you or scares you is something that you need to heal in you.
  3. You can be too judgemental – Be kind and open to other people’s perspectives.

But overall this month brings fresh energy …openness in the air  

Lunar Eclipse 16th-17th July 2019

A Huge Stream of Transformational Energy is emerging around this full moon (lunar eclipse).

It is time to hold back and review your life. You will have an inner calling to change something in your life. You feel an urge to go within and spend time with yourself. Do some breathing exercises.  

It might also create some restlessness, mood swings, anxiety, etc. While you are in the midst going within and dealing with this agitation outside you will feel a need to let go of something from past that’s no longer serving you. It is a beautiful time to let go of any fear or emotion that’s holding you back. You just need to put an intention and the energy of this eclipse will help you transform.

For people into spirituality, this is a great time to work with ascension energy. Meditation, pranayama, spending time alone, or in nature, slow yoga, chanting, energy work like Reiki, kundalini yoga, will contribute a lot during this period.

Energy Forecast July 2019

Moderation and balance are the keys this month.

It’s a good time to take a break from daily routine and recharge your batteries. Avoid pushing yourself or anyone else to get work done. There is possibility of getting fixated or obsessed about certain areas in your life.
It’s a slow month avoid getting frustrated over your expectations in relationships (especially romantic), finances, work, etc that can preoccupy you this month.

Prevent taking any major decision especially with respect to romantic relationship. If in a committed relationship you might feel discontented or unhappy in your relationship. And there can be temptation to leave it for better option or in search of better option. If single please be alert while you pursue somebody right now. Mind is scattered right now and there is general dissatisfaction with respect to all kinds of materialistic pleasures. Communication is also affected this month.
So express only when really needed. Best advice is to maintain status quo.

The point here is it is all on mental level and energy level. If observed objectively there are no problems this month at all. The overall idea is to maintain moderation with anything like food, alcohol, sex, money-making, ego, self judgement, control etc.

This month is really good time to take a vacation. Rest, rejuvenate, and calm your mind. Meditation and yoga are highly recommended. Any kind of spiritual work is really good. It is beautiful period for ascension work. 

Solar Eclipse Energy Reading (2nd July 2019)

The solar eclipse has its effects the entire month but most intense between 2nd to 4th July.

Things that you had suppressed or didn’t want to face will come out in open. It has been trying to surface and if you have been ignoring all this while you will have to deal with them now. It is time to come face to face with your shadow self, embrace it and heal it. It’s a beautiful cleansing period for all of us. More secrets will be revealed about you and others. Anything hidden has to come to the surface. You will get a chance to know more about yourself. Remember acceptance is the key. Here’s an opportunity to clean your internal and external space and have a new start. You are growing, we all are growing…growing at the soul level. It’s time to level up …step up!

Though it is a good time to heal, it can start with a lot of confusion and indecisiveness. There will little impulsiveness and mind can be scattered. Not a good time to take any major decision. PLEASE AVOID ANY IMPULSIVE DECISION. Any change starts with little chaos but remember it’s brighter on the other side.

This eclipse creates an intense spiritual transformational energy. A very beautiful time to meditate; channel messages from high realms for spiritual growth, chant mantras, practice yoga, eat sattvik, etc. Try doing for the whole week it will really help you deal the challenging situations. 

Energy forecast for 1st may to 15th Sep 2019

“Take it slow” is the key

Let’s welcome a huge transformational energy with the commence of the month May. There’s lot of energy surging through this month for next 3 months. The best way to embrace it is by slowing down.

During this period, you all can say final good bye to the things that have not been working for you. You will begin to assimilate all the changes that started in April, now. A lot shifted last month and now it is time to maintain the changes. For some of you it might seem that you are going through similar stuff that you thought you are done with few months back.

It can be a little confusing time as you might feel things have suddenly come to a halt again. Keep in mind that the things are moving but not at the speed you desire. So take it easy as they could take time to materialise. Avoid getting obsessed about things are not going the way you wish or at the pace you wish.

If possible avoid taking any major life changing decisions. You might feel little unsettled either in your current job or relationships. Breaking free might seem like good idea now but there are chances you may regret it later. It can seem little suffocating to maintain the status quo but that’s the smartest thing to do right now. You can have this urge to control every bits of our life but chances of it back firing is more. So it is fantastic time to relax, rejuvenate and connect with people close to you.

You really need to understand that you can’t escape facing your demons anymore. So it’s time to stop brushing things under the rug. Universe is giving you plenty of opportunities to work on your shadows and discover who you truly are. Realising your fears working what drives them can make things easier for you.

This month you will be facing two major issues financial insecurity and fear of uncertainty. They both are on rise even though people have more money and we control almost every area of our lives way more than ever before. As a community we need to heal the sense of lack and fear of losing control from its root. For that we need to acknowledge their existence first.

It’s good time to repay karmic debts. You can have people from past returning into your life. You will find yourself reliving past experiences. The idea here is to heal what was not healed earlier.

Avoid arguments and fights with anyone to stay out of trouble. It’s not a good time to protest or fight for your beliefs especially on social media. You need to become aware that only person you need to fight with is “yourself”. And the only person you can really change is “YOU”.

Some of you might feel your entire existence is changing this month.

Energy forecast for the month of January 2019

Time to practice Patience, Humility, and Kindness

The year begins with a feeling of off-kilter. You have been doing everything, working hard to create what you desire. But it seems things are not going the way you had wished. This month gives you an opportunity to start being true to yourselves and recognise if your ego is taking you on a ride. It is a beautiful time to recognise and work on your shadow self.

There might me a tendency to over analyse your actions and judge yourself. The lesson here is to be kind to yourself and don’t let your ego involve you in petty things. Look at the bigger picture. Now that you have done your work, have patience your wishes are coming true soon.

You might feel emotionally explosive and manipulated (by higher or people around you) here and there during this month. Look at it as a blessing to face your fears and set yourself free from your own demons.

Guidance for this month is to honour nature’s beauty and life force. Take good care of your body, go out into the meadows, forests, mountains, lakes, rivers and let nature recharge, balance and heal you. Nature will help you become more humble, kinder especially to you and have patience!

You need to slow down, reduce over thinking and stop you judging your actions.

You can also do some space clearing, make your space clutter free. Practice self-discipline and courage and have faith everything is going to turn out for your highest good.

For people who are into spiritual practices, this is a great month for self- work and to create more love and light around.

Full moon in Ardra 22nd December

Transition Prediction

This full moon in Ardra Nakshatra symbolises the end of a journey. You can finally set yourself free by learning the lesson of ending, death and letting go. A lot of us will go through huge transformations and at the end of this journey, there is the beginning of a beautiful new journey.

Solitude is the key at least for the next 1 week. This is a great time to do some deep intense inner work. If you feel lonely please meet your friends or your therapist. You might feel an intense outburst of emotions including intense sadness, crying spells, unexplained anger, frustration, etc. Certain physical issues might surface and you will be given an opportunity to finally heal them.

Just hang on, do meditation, yoga and energy clearing. Clean your space both physical and mental. Make your home and office clutter-free. Let go of the things that are of no use anymore.

Remember a beautiful beginning is just waiting for us at the end of this cycle. 

December Forecast 2018

Taking life changing decisions and moving forward!

Just recently you have learnt few big lessons and you are contemplating about how to move on. Last few months forced you to deal with the hidden stuff or things you were ignoring or lying about to yourself since long. You had a chance to separate the illusions from reality. This was the time when you had to come face to face with your dark side. There were times when you had no choice but to surrender.

Now the month of December is giving you opportunity to use the lessons you learnt in past and take the required pragmatic decisions to move forward in your life. It mostly means that a huge change needs to be made in at least one area of your life to not repeat your past mistakes.  It can be change in your attitude or change in career or relationships. Trust your intuition; you might get some insights into which path to follow from here on.

You will no longer be able to pretend or lie to yourself or others regarding your work and relationship. You might have thought you are very good at your work but your heart wasn’t in there. Now you will have to acknowledge and choose something that your heart wants to do.  Same applies to your relationships.

Considering all the above you will have courage and intellect to take those life changing decisions. Very beautiful period to create fresh romantic and business relationships provided you have let go off what doesn’t work for you. Good time to come out of toxic tie-ups.

This month gives a window of 30 days to manifest (create) whatever you desire in your life. A new cycle will soon begin literally as the 2019 starts. So write down what needs to change in your life and what is it that you want to create. Writing down your desires makes them more solid.

Good luck with these changes and hopefully this year end brings you more awareness and beautiful memories.

The above predictions are based on Vedic astrology and Angel card reading. To know more how this month is going treat you individually book a Vedic chart reading soon.

Huge transformational and creative surge

Manisha Lomash | October Forecast

This month is the beginning of a new cycle, new events, a time for positivity and karmic change. There is also a sense of understanding, completeness and a feeling of being at complete peace with oneself. A change for better the unfolding future holds much promise. Good time for signing contracts and agreements. Everybody now is seeking collaboration, unity, and peace. There is this huge wave of creation and innovation, so excellent time to put your creative mind at work this month. Write that book that you have been waiting on, go out and talk to people, express yourself!

Other major areas of focus this month are relationship and partnership. You will seek deep meaning in your relationships, love or business. People unattached may find love this month. A past lover or partner may come back (this will happen for you to discover the purpose of that relationship in the first place). You might also meet someone unexpected with respect to love or business. During this period you may realise that you need to leave certain relationships that are not serving you. Learning lessons in your relationship will become easier.

Overall a very good month for the relationship, business, decision making, creation, conceiving an idea or child!