Energy Forecast – February 2021

This is the month of confrontation and inner conflict. It is going to be a very slow month. A month of pragmaticism and being practical with your emotions. Time to focus on work and finances but without too many expectations. Time to do your duty …follow your dharma. It is time for a reality check.

Love what you do instead of waiting for something that you would love to do. It is time to release karma by following dharma.

The recent transits of planets are affecting our mind too intensely and giving us opportunity to take care of our suppressed feelings. Avoid suppressing your feelings! address them now. Otherwise, these emotions may explode in a way that would work against you.

In general, we may feel trapped, it may appear as if we don’t have enough space and opportunity to express ourselves, we are not being heard… which may lead to frustration. It seems anger and frustration are brewing up for many months on a global level …it may explode and create a lot of unrest around the world if we don’t change our course right away.

Though we can’t control what’s happening in the world, we can take care of our individual emotions. As you know the world is your mirror, bringing change within can change the reflection in the mirror gradually.

The best approach this month is to listen to your intuition, listen to others with an open mind…listen without judgement!

Take responsibility for your life. Take an inventory of how you have created the life that you are living currently. If you are struggling in any area ask yourself where is this coming from? Check if your beliefs are serving you or others in a real sense.

You may feel too pressurised in certain areas of your life by the middle of February. As things become volatile, focus on slowing down and finishing your pending work. Clean your space physically and metaphysically. Do gardening. Heal yourself!