Energy forecast December

December marks a dramatic end to a very special year 2020!

Overall, we may feel confused, agitated and there will be a sense of losing control. Know that all this chaos is leading us towards the light. We are in the process of re-birthing a new version of ourselves and a new world is emerging as we embrace the darkness.

Solar eclipse on 14th December opens a portal of huge transformation giving us an opportunity to unfold the truth as many secrets come to surface. The energy will set a new wave of change which will continue to have its impact for the next 6 months.

The highlight of the month is that many hidden matters may start coming to light on a personal and on a global level which may continue till the first half of 2021.

On a mundane level we may feel trapped, gloomy and conflicted. There will be a sense of intense polarization both internally and externally. Many will find it difficult to agree with others and we may find society is divided by many beliefs and opinions. This may manifest into rage and protest on a mass level.

The best way to utilise the energy of this month is to stay grounded and flow with life… Focus on self and work on the inner conflicts by accepting self-judgments. If possible, do some relationships and family healing during this phase. Talk to a counsellor or a therapist to address the issues. Take up yoga (if you haven’t done that yet), do pranayama to regulate and balance your emotions.

Let’s end this year with harmony within …remember the outer world is a reflection of our inner world, as we create harmony within it will be reflected in the outer world