Energy Forecast – October 2020

Heal yourself to heal humanity! 

Oh wow we are already in the month of October …so much has changed around the world and within us! Hope you all are doing good and keeping yourself healthy and fit. 

Let’s see what this month has in store for us! 

October begins with an intense full moon in Uttara Bhadrapada which symbolises death/endings. It’s like we’ve come to an end of a long journey and now is the time to rest and reset. It is giving us an opportunity to reflect and let go anything that is not serving us as it is a powerful time to do deeper work. 

Things will start to move especially in the first half of the month and you may not feel stuck anymore.

Collectively we will feel more courageous and there will be surge in our risk-taking capacity.It can become aggressive if we are not rational about our emotions particularly of our anger. It’s time to let go of the ego. We need to contemplate on our need to justify our beliefs and force them on others. A lot of hidden aggression and fear can come to surface which may lead to chaos on a global level. Remember the collective consciousness is just a reflection of what’s happening at an individual level. Most people will feel agitated and frustrated. This will be expressed globally in the form of protests and riots. There will be a sense of injustice and unfairness. People in general may seek justice. Energetically this may also lead to fires and floods around the world.

There is a lot of potential for transformation and healing right now. It’s high time we understand how we relate with others, ask questions like why are we fighting with others or with their beliefs, what is in us that is triggering this need to prove ourselves right?

We also need to keep in check how our beliefs, actions affect others and mother Earth. This period symbolises rebirth.We are birthing a new world and it can be really uncomfortable. We are resistant to let go of our anger and fears. There is also a sense of losing control which is the root cause of the collective anger. We have to work on releasing our selfish need to be right and see things as benefiting everyone. So, a smart choice is to heal our personal issues if we really wish to heal the world.

October’s energy is driving us to focus on universal good and take responsibility of our choices, speech and our actions. Time to focus on what can help the world to become better without getting stuck in our egos! 

We are at the juncture of changing our lifestyle permanently. We can no longer live the way we have been living since ages. Humanity will now focus on living in harmony with all living beings. But before we reach there, we will experience extreme polarity. A battle of darkness V/S consciousness will be the theme of remaining 3 months of 2020.