Energy Forecast – April 2020

This month brings in the energy of reset on the micro and macro levels. You will continue to feel restricted, limited and you will have to practice patience throughout this month.

April starts with a very intense wave of transformations. During the first week of the month, you will get the opportunity to come face to face with things you may have suppressed or didn’t want to face. It has been trying to surface and if you have been ignoring it for long, you will have to deal with them now. It is time to work on our shadow self, embrace it and heal it on individual and society levels both. It’s a beautiful cleansing period for all of us. We all are releasing long-pending karma’s on the individual and societal levels. More secrets will be revealed about you and others. Anything hidden has to come to the surface. You will get the chance to know more about yourself. Here’s an opportunity to clean your internal and external space and have a new start. You are growing, we all are growing…growing at the soul level. It’s time to level up …step up!

Be aware of your thoughts and feelings, as whatever you focus your energy on will be expanded especially during the first week of April. The energy will force you to change your perception about things you have been resisting, fearing and running away for long. We as a society will be required to change the way we deal with money, health and relationships (family) and especially the way we treat nature.

Discipline and a new structure will have to be enforced by you on the individual level and society level. This phase is a promise to bring new opportunities, new ways of living life which means we will have to let go of old patterns, old structures, etc…

We are moving towards rebuilding a better life on planet earth. This is chaos before peace… we are ascending towards bringing heaven on earth.

Few suggestions

  1. Be patient with your daily routine …avoid resisting change
  2. Sit with what is bothering you the most right now …and work on resolving it practically …avoid running away
  3. Flow with change happening around you …acknowledge your fear of losing control
  4. Take rest, take out time for yourself, sit with yourself with no distraction
  5. Follow a structured and disciplined life
  6. Practice yoga, pranayama, chanting, and forgiveness
  7. Good time to serve others, animals and nature