Energy Forecast – March 2020

Balance is the key to sail through this month

After a slow start in the year …March offers a surge of energy and enthusiasm. It marks a new beginning, spontaneity, and optimism. Along with this march also brings in the energy of impulsiveness and impatience.  Due to this surge of sudden energy, you may feel like you can achieve anything and may take hasty decisions which may lead to frustrations. So the key here is to stay balanced, grounded and take decisions practically.

With patience, you can utilise the energy of this month to focus on any creative project, your passion, and manifesting anything that you desire. You have all the resources you need, even if you can’t see them at this time to be successful. Anything is possible now for you if you stay grounded and use your awareness. It’s a great month to plan, review and reflect on your wishes in life.

This month is one of the most important months to set a pace for the entire year. So be careful of how you use this month. Avoid actions and/or words that may hurt others in any way as you may regret this later. (Especially on social media or on the mass platform).Refrain from taking decisions based on fear and keep away from spreading fear as it may backfire. It is very important to make fair and careful decisions at this time. Practice kindness toward yourself and others.

Things to do this Month

  1. Practice Patience, don’t rush into things
  2. Manage your anger, irritation, and frustration, with yoga and Pranayam.
  3. Do grounding by walking barefoot on grass
  4. Sitting or meditating in morning sunlight will help you manage your impulsiveness
  5. Be flexible and open-minded as much as possible (Avoid fascist behaviour)