Energy Forecast – February 2020

Time to get ready for a rollercoaster of a year.

This is a month of preparation for what the year holds for you. Give attention to the details in your plan of action, but also keep an eye on the big picture. There could be a bumpy start but don’t let that deter you from continuing to move forward. Clear up any communication problems with others. Don’t allow misunderstandings fester. Get to the truth of the matter.

You are being called to break free of anything that is holding you back! Let go of helplessness or fear that is creating a sense of entrapment. The good news is that the limitations that you perceive as hindering your progress are self –created and therefore can be uncreated! You can free yourself this month. Negative thinking can keep you from moving in the direction of your heart’s desire.

The key to success right now is moderation and compromise. If you are feeling stressed out this month’s energy is giving you the opportunity to take a break and detoxification. Self-control and patience are called for in order to create the successful outcome you are hoping for. Consider the ideas of others, and try to see their point of view. Diversity of thought can bring forth the strongest possible course of action. Reconciliation of opposing view-points is very likely now if you approach all parties with a forgiving and fair attitude.  It is a beautiful month to work on opening your heart in relationships.

Things to do this Month

  1. Keep your ego in check
  2. Manage your anger, irritation, and frustration, with yoga and Pranayam.
  3. Practice Patience, don’t rush into things
  4. Work on your heart chakra this month, forgive and move on
  5. Heal your romantic relationships