New Moon – 24th Jan 2020

New Moon in Capricorn
A new dawn a new era has begun with this new moon. It is an era of healing, karma, and truth. Profound and lasting spiritual insights are possible this time. Trust your intuition to lead towards happiness. Your hopes and dreams are within reach now. All your hard work will now be paid off.
This is also time to take care of your body. Physical discipline is going to play an important role. Following a structured life will help you to manage the difficult times. Yoga, mantra chanting, meditation and karma yoga are keys to having a smooth life for the next few years. Make sure you don’t promise more than you can deliver ( yourself or others). Understanding your limitations and using them for your advantage will help you to grow as a person. Take necessary actions if you really wish to manifest something. Patience, perseverance, and detachment should be practiced to achieve anything.

• Please please please start physical exercise
• Do pranyam for 5 mins atleast

• Have patience and understand this experience is here to teach you something. Be open for that

• Focus on what you desire to create
• Be kind to self and others. Avoid self sabotage and stop trying to please everyone

Again this energy is temporary you will soon start feeling lighter if you have been taking care of yourself