Energy Forecast -September 2019

Be kind!

The month starts with restlessness and a bit of irritation in the air. It may feel like nothing is moving forward. But in reality, the universe is giving you the opportunity to plan and prepare for the huge transformational energy developing around the mid of the month. So don’t rush! Plan objectively to bring changes you always desired. There is a need for a lot grounding at the beginning of the month.

By mid of the month, you will realise it is time to act, but this action should be backed with rational planning. Use logic over emotions this month while being kind to self and others. Avoid any kind of drama (internal and external). This is a beautiful period to let off playing the role of victim and to take responsibility for your emotions. You will have more clarity and things will start moving as planned. If things don’t go the way you planned then know it is for your highest good.  

You might notice you are being a little more critical in your relationships. This month’s energy supports you to stop wasting energy on changing someone else and utilise it in making desired changes in self. As you already know each person in your life is just reflecting what is going within you. So if something is bothering you in others look deep within and see how you can change that in you. This is the best period to do self-analysis and make changes in self. Please note this change can be related to any area of your life …relationships, health or wealth.