Energy Forecast August 2019

And finally, you are moving forward…

The month starts with an off-kilter but by the mid of August, you may experience a renewed sense of purpose in life.  It is a very action-oriented month. Things seem to finally move. The projects that were on hold or got delayed may take off now. The energy will be very high so you can get a lot done this month.

Trust your intuition this month; you will be guided to follow your heart. Go ahead and sow the seeds for what you wish to accomplish in the next few months.

It is a very beautiful time to plan some time with your family and loved ones.

This month is slightly difficult for romantic relationships. A fog of haze along with heat can envelop your wits in the matters of your relationships. Practicing patience and calm attitude can help.

Things that should keep in mind while treading through this month

  1. Anger maybe on rise – Please don’t take any Financial and Relationship decisions in haste this month.  
  2. Health maybe concern – Take care of your health emotional and physical

Eat healthy food, Do Yoga, Breathing exercises can help to tame the anger, Walking bare feet on the ground can keep you grounded, keep yourself hydrated, Spiritual practices and chanting is recommended.

  1. It is a beautiful time to heal relationships and release karmic debts
  2. Fear and frustration- can be healed by practicing forgiveness this month. Know that what you see in others that irks you or scares you is something that you need to heal in you.
  3. You can be too judgemental – Be kind and open to other people’s perspectives.

But overall this month brings fresh energy …openness in the air