Lunar Eclipse 16th-17th July 2019

A Huge Stream of Transformational Energy is emerging around this full moon (lunar eclipse).

It is time to hold back and review your life. You will have an inner calling to change something in your life. You feel an urge to go within and spend time with yourself. Do some breathing exercises.  

It might also create some restlessness, mood swings, anxiety, etc. While you are in the midst going within and dealing with this agitation outside you will feel a need to let go of something from past that’s no longer serving you. It is a beautiful time to let go of any fear or emotion that’s holding you back. You just need to put an intention and the energy of this eclipse will help you transform.

For people into spirituality, this is a great time to work with ascension energy. Meditation, pranayama, spending time alone, or in nature, slow yoga, chanting, energy work like Reiki, kundalini yoga, will contribute a lot during this period.

Energy Forecast July 2019

Moderation and balance are the keys this month.

It’s a good time to take a break from daily routine and recharge your batteries. Avoid pushing yourself or anyone else to get work done. There is possibility of getting fixated or obsessed about certain areas in your life.
It’s a slow month avoid getting frustrated over your expectations in relationships (especially romantic), finances, work, etc that can preoccupy you this month.

Prevent taking any major decision especially with respect to romantic relationship. If in a committed relationship you might feel discontented or unhappy in your relationship. And there can be temptation to leave it for better option or in search of better option. If single please be alert while you pursue somebody right now. Mind is scattered right now and there is general dissatisfaction with respect to all kinds of materialistic pleasures. Communication is also affected this month.
So express only when really needed. Best advice is to maintain status quo.

The point here is it is all on mental level and energy level. If observed objectively there are no problems this month at all. The overall idea is to maintain moderation with anything like food, alcohol, sex, money-making, ego, self judgement, control etc.

This month is really good time to take a vacation. Rest, rejuvenate, and calm your mind. Meditation and yoga are highly recommended. Any kind of spiritual work is really good. It is beautiful period for ascension work.