Energy forecast for 1st may to 15th Sep 2019

“Take it slow” is the key

Let’s welcome a huge transformational energy with the commence of the month May. There’s lot of energy surging through this month for next 3 months. The best way to embrace it is by slowing down.

During this period, you all can say final good bye to the things that have not been working for you. You will begin to assimilate all the changes that started in April, now. A lot shifted last month and now it is time to maintain the changes. For some of you it might seem that you are going through similar stuff that you thought you are done with few months back.

It can be a little confusing time as you might feel things have suddenly come to a halt again. Keep in mind that the things are moving but not at the speed you desire. So take it easy as they could take time to materialise. Avoid getting obsessed about things are not going the way you wish or at the pace you wish.

If possible avoid taking any major life changing decisions. You might feel little unsettled either in your current job or relationships. Breaking free might seem like good idea now but there are chances you may regret it later. It can seem little suffocating to maintain the status quo but that’s the smartest thing to do right now. You can have this urge to control every bits of our life but chances of it back firing is more. So it is fantastic time to relax, rejuvenate and connect with people close to you.

You really need to understand that you can’t escape facing your demons anymore. So it’s time to stop brushing things under the rug. Universe is giving you plenty of opportunities to work on your shadows and discover who you truly are. Realising your fears working what drives them can make things easier for you.

This month you will be facing two major issues financial insecurity and fear of uncertainty. They both are on rise even though people have more money and we control almost every area of our lives way more than ever before. As a community we need to heal the sense of lack and fear of losing control from its root. For that we need to acknowledge their existence first.

It’s good time to repay karmic debts. You can have people from past returning into your life. You will find yourself reliving past experiences. The idea here is to heal what was not healed earlier.

Avoid arguments and fights with anyone to stay out of trouble. It’s not a good time to protest or fight for your beliefs especially on social media. You need to become aware that only person you need to fight with is “yourself”. And the only person you can really change is “YOU”.

Some of you might feel your entire existence is changing this month.