Energy forecast for the month of January 2019

Time to practice Patience, Humility, and Kindness

The year begins with a feeling of off-kilter. You have been doing everything, working hard to create what you desire. But it seems things are not going the way you had wished. This month gives you an opportunity to start being true to yourselves and recognise if your ego is taking you on a ride. It is a beautiful time to recognise and work on your shadow self.

There might me a tendency to over analyse your actions and judge yourself. The lesson here is to be kind to yourself and don’t let your ego involve you in petty things. Look at the bigger picture. Now that you have done your work, have patience your wishes are coming true soon.

You might feel emotionally explosive and manipulated (by higher or people around you) here and there during this month. Look at it as a blessing to face your fears and set yourself free from your own demons.

Guidance for this month is to honour nature’s beauty and life force. Take good care of your body, go out into the meadows, forests, mountains, lakes, rivers and let nature recharge, balance and heal you. Nature will help you become more humble, kinder especially to you and have patience!

You need to slow down, reduce over thinking and stop you judging your actions.

You can also do some space clearing, make your space clutter free. Practice self-discipline and courage and have faith everything is going to turn out for your highest good.

For people who are into spiritual practices, this is a great month for self- work and to create more love and light around.