Full moon in Ardra 22nd December

Transition Prediction

This full moon in Ardra Nakshatra symbolises the end of a journey. You can finally set yourself free by learning the lesson of ending, death and letting go. A lot of us will go through huge transformations and at the end of this journey, there is the beginning of a beautiful new journey.

Solitude is the key at least for the next 1 week. This is a great time to do some deep intense inner work. If you feel lonely please meet your friends or your therapist. You might feel an intense outburst of emotions including intense sadness, crying spells, unexplained anger, frustration, etc. Certain physical issues might surface and you will be given an opportunity to finally heal them.

Just hang on, do meditation, yoga and energy clearing. Clean your space both physical and mental. Make your home and office clutter-free. Let go of the things that are of no use anymore.

Remember a beautiful beginning is just waiting for us at the end of this cycle.