December Forecast 2018

Taking life changing decisions and moving forward!

Just recently you have learnt few big lessons and you are contemplating about how to move on. Last few months forced you to deal with the hidden stuff or things you were ignoring or lying about to yourself since long. You had a chance to separate the illusions from reality. This was the time when you had to come face to face with your dark side. There were times when you had no choice but to surrender.

Now the month of December is giving you opportunity to use the lessons you learnt in past and take the required pragmatic decisions to move forward in your life. It mostly means that a huge change needs to be made in at least one area of your life to not repeat your past mistakes.  It can be change in your attitude or change in career or relationships. Trust your intuition; you might get some insights into which path to follow from here on.

You will no longer be able to pretend or lie to yourself or others regarding your work and relationship. You might have thought you are very good at your work but your heart wasn’t in there. Now you will have to acknowledge and choose something that your heart wants to do.  Same applies to your relationships.

Considering all the above you will have courage and intellect to take those life changing decisions. Very beautiful period to create fresh romantic and business relationships provided you have let go off what doesn’t work for you. Good time to come out of toxic tie-ups.

This month gives a window of 30 days to manifest (create) whatever you desire in your life. A new cycle will soon begin literally as the 2019 starts. So write down what needs to change in your life and what is it that you want to create. Writing down your desires makes them more solid.

Good luck with these changes and hopefully this year end brings you more awareness and beautiful memories.

The above predictions are based on Vedic astrology and Angel card reading. To know more how this month is going treat you individually book a Vedic chart reading soon.