Huge transformational and creative surge

Manisha Lomash | October Forecast

This month is the beginning of a new cycle, new events, a time for positivity and karmic change. There is also a sense of understanding, completeness and a feeling of being at complete peace with oneself. A change for better the unfolding future holds much promise. Good time for signing contracts and agreements. Everybody now is seeking collaboration, unity, and peace. There is this huge wave of creation and innovation, so excellent time to put your creative mind at work this month. Write that book that you have been waiting on, go out and talk to people, express yourself!

Other major areas of focus this month are relationship and partnership. You will seek deep meaning in your relationships, love or business. People unattached may find love this month. A past lover or partner may come back (this will happen for you to discover the purpose of that relationship in the first place). You might also meet someone unexpected with respect to love or business. During this period you may realise that you need to leave certain relationships that are not serving you. Learning lessons in your relationship will become easier.

Overall a very good month for the relationship, business, decision making, creation, conceiving an idea or child!